BMD Communications | Barry Dougherty
BMD Communications is a multi-faceted company that specializes in writing to your needs. Serious, playful or funny–we can craft a speech, ghostwrite a book, write an article, a letter, or a tweet, all suited to your needs. If you have a message to communicate we’ll help you get it done!
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BMD Communications

Barry Dougherty

BMD Communications, headed up by writer/author Barry Dougherty, is a multi-faceted communications company that focuses on helping you feel at ease in any public speaking or written word situation. We specialize in humor, having written speeches, jokes, and Roasts for some of the most notable people in comedy, performing at many of the funniest VIP events in entertainment. No matter the topic–if you want something serious, playful or funny–we can craft it to fit your comfort level. We’ll write a speech, edit or ghostwrite a book, write an article, a letter or a tweet, all suited to your needs. We’ll also help coordinate your public relations activities and consult on your marketing strategies.

If you have a message to communicate we’ll help you get it done!


If you need to make a business presentation, are accepting that well-deserved award, or have a best man or father of the bride speech to give, we will help you create the perfect speech for any occasion. Your thoughts–our words–your voice!


If you’re jumping into the world of book writing we will help make the landing smooth. From proposals to doctoring manuscripts to ghostwriting, we’ll make the process painless, simple and even fun! We can also write articles for company newsletters and publications that articulate your message to your employees and clients.

Marketing & Press

If you’re not on board with social media it’s time to see what the fuss is about. We consult with you to get you on the social media track and give you the text to get your message across. If you have an event you want publicized, we’ll help put the word out with press releases and media pitches. We’ll also coordinate red carpet interviews.

website copy

Along with the right website design, you need to deliver your branding via informative and concise copy. We will work with you to ensure that your website delivers your message to generate business for your brand.