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SiriusXM to Launch Channel Dedicated to Friars Club Roasts

Featuring Never-Before-Heard Archive (Exclusive)



BMD Communications is proud to be consulting on SiriusXM’s new Friars Club Roasts Channel. This rare event invites anyone with a sense of humor to enjoy the funniest and finest (and yes, bawdiest) events these bad boys and girls of comedy can deliver.




The Ladies of Laughter organization serves as a launching pad for women in comedy by providing theater bookings, publicity, and comedy career opportunities to the best talent discovered through its competitions. Past contestants include Amy Schumer, Melissa Rauch, and Tammy Pescatelli, among others.


BMD was more than happy to give them a helping hand with a NY Post Page Six mention.






Comedian and podcaster Brian Koppen sat down with BMD’s Barry Dougherty to talk about comedy during a pandemic (it’s apparently a thing); writing Roasts; and how writers and comedians can get noticed in a sea of, well, writers and comedians.






Emmy Award winning TV Host and Author Bill Boggs has written a new comedic novel, “The Adventures of Spike the Wonder Dog,” and from editing, proofing, and promoting it, BMD is having a ball. Spike is an English Bull Terrier with a wickedly politically incorrect sense of humor who has a heart of gold and a keen observational eye for human foibles. The book tells the story of his rise to fame on both his master’s TV talk show and social media, and the price he pays for that fame. Many of the more off-beat situations that Boggs’ encountered in his own career as a television host are alluded to in the book as well as various celebrity nods.


BMD was there from the start, working with Boggs to edit and proof the manuscript, and then pitched it to agents and publishers. Post Hill Press brought Spike to life and it’s been garnering great reviews as well as press…read all about it!


Bill Boggs had a fun appearance on Good Day New York, on Fox 5 with Rosanna Scotto…




And a delightful interview with Patrick Christiano on Spotlight On the Arts for LTV ( that also lives on In The Spotlight on (…




Artist Ed Belbruno discovered that isolation during the coronavirus pandemic inspired him to create several works during that period. He rolled out pieces via his social media platforms, teasing followers with various sketches and small paintings, leading up to what will eventually become large canvas pieces. Owing to the solitude, Belbruno decided to share his work via a very special Zoom event he called his Studio Isolation Tour.




The event, which Belbruno conducted in his art studio, consisted of a tour of the studio as well as showcasing several pieces that he created over a period of 3 years. He told the story of an artistic journey that began in 2017 with a simple sketch on a train. Ominous cloud formations over a dreary meadow.


As other sketches followed, he found the pieces were trying to say something but they had “no context,” no home. It wasn’t until the pandemic of 2020 when he found himself in mandated isolation and began painting additional pieces, similar in their dark desolation–his initial foreboding clouds and meadow had found its context. Belbruno shared his work, talked about his technique and use of mixed media, and reflected on the new normal for creativity and painting works during a pandemic isolation. We’re now waiting to see what glimmer of light or color comes out from the dark after isolation.





Tips for Artists in Quarantine:

A Guide to Social Distancing


Getting through isolation is all about the diversion.

by Barry Dougherty


And what have you been doing these past few weeks as an artist in quarantine? Finally, cleaning out the attic? Finding new and inventive ways to keep it together during isolation has become our new normal. But quarantine for artists offers an opportunity to broaden their already boundless scope of creativity.

Artist in quarantine working


While many artists tend to work in isolation by trade, being forced to do so could add unnecessary stress that can inhibit their creative flow. Ironically, artists now more than ever, are called upon to share their talents on a global scale.


They are part of the creative team that the world now needs to look toward more than ever to help fill the void that’s opened because people can’t get out and about the way they’re used to. Citizens in every country are thirsty for diversions–and artists, along with their works, can help quench it.


Because the pressure is on (in spite of you possibly not realizing that) it’s important that artists maintain their wits about them during their own isolation. Just so you don’t feel trapped we’d like to offer our quarantine tips to help keep you motivated within your world of isolation:


1. Find inspiration outside


You can safe-distance yourself into quiet reflection by walking in a park, along a river or lake, a quiet street–any destination that finds you safely apart from others. Become inspired by the outdoors. The change in scenery can clear a few cobwebs that may have crept into your head while inside. You may even consider a little plein air painting while you’re out there. Don’t let isolation rob you of the opportunity to experience nature and landscapes that can be found just outside your front door. Think what would be lost if Monet never ventured outside.


2. Try new techniques


Use this opportunity to mix up your mediums. Take a leap and discover new and different ways to create your art. This is the time to dip your brush into those watercolors you’ve been thinking about exploring or find ways to add texture to your images. Let a jigsaw puzzle inspire you to create a mosaic image. If you can’t get to your studio housing the giant canvases you normally work on, take this time to create pieces on a smaller scale or perhaps experiment with digital art or photography. You’d be surprised how your personal artistic signature still shines through multiple mediums.


3. Paint your isolation story

Artist Jodi DeCrenza in her studio

Artists have been recording history since the dawn of time. Natural disasters, religious uprisings, and yes, even the medieval Black Death that returned periodically for centuries, have been documented through images both macabre as well as serene. Edvard Munch painted “Self-Portrait After Spanish Influenza” having survived it in 1919. Consider sharing your own impressions of how the coronavirus outbreak has impacted your personal sphere. Living in isolation through a modern-day pandemic should certainly elicit varying emotions to chronicle on a canvas.



4. Engage with fellow Artists

While artists may work well in isolation, they still enjoy engaging with their peers. Reach out to other artists, gather a few together and Zoom with them. Follow them on social media, commenting on posts and perhaps inviting them for a private message dialogue. It will help keep you informed and up to speed on how others in the art world are faring through all of this. Connecting with artists can be quite inspiring.


5. Teach if you can

Now could be a good time to reach out beyond the confines of your home and influence a new generation of artists. Utilizing various social media platforms and by “going live” you can share your knowledge and teach budding artists the skills they need to enter the art fray. You may even become a YouTube star, garnering an audience interested in learning the skills needed to start their own career.


6. Enter art competitions

Artists have a passion for what they do. They also enjoy sharing the fruits of that passion with others and having it showcased through exhibitions and gallery installations. For many artists, it’s important to get reactions from those observing their work and at times even critiquing it. Take this opportunity to get your art out there while sequestered at home–enter an art competition.


Agora Gallery, for example, is sponsoring Inspiration from Isolation, a free contest that gives artists an opportunity to still be in the game, so to speak. Their work will be on display via social media platforms and the top submissions will receive weekly awards with a grand prize given to the top artist among the group. For more than thirty-five years, Agora Gallery has been driven by the goal of creating opportunities for emerging artists, allowing them to exhibit their work in the gallery and participate in various competitions. It is with that same spirit that Agora sponsors this exciting new digital competition that will feature daily and weekly awards and a grand prize – an annual digital representation.



Getting through isolation is all about the diversion. You may happen to be sequestered behind four walls, but don’t put your talent in solitary confinement. If you’ve always had a work routine when you paint or sculpt or draw, then stick to it. But when the downtime arrives, don’t let that be the time to turn off your creative engine. Start it up again and use this moment in history to be more unpredictable. Stretch your creativity beyond the canvas and broaden the scope of your vision. Take to heart what Van Gogh once wrote, “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” You are artists, you’re already ahead of the game in creativity, imagination, passion, and inspiration–you got this!





BMD client Agora Gallery hosted a screening of the documentary “Painting the Way to the Moon,” the incredible story of how artist and NASA Scientist Ed Belbruno discovered a new way of space travel through his art. Humboldt Award recipient Belbruno’s fascinating story culminates with helping the Japanese land a lunar probe using “coordinates” derived from his paintings of the universe-one has to admit that’s very cool! The artist/scientist was joined by science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson (Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York City), who, with Belbruno, fielded audience questions in lighthearted and engaging exchanges. The event coincided with an exhibition of Belbruno’s work that is being showcased at the gallery. A fun event highlighting both art and science in a night that was colorful and smart!


Read all about it in the press–pre and post event:


Scientific American:


Antiques and the Arts Weekly:


Yeshiva University Blog:


West Side Spirit/Chelsea News:




BMD had way too much fun at Carolines Comedy Club during their “Women of a Certain Age” show. Client Rolonda Watts took center stage doling out jokes and garnering huge laughs. The Journalist and TV talk show host has turned her talents toward the funny, doing stand up comedy gigs with hilarious results. We may have whispered about it to Page 6 so thanks for the plug!







BMD is representin’ popular jazz artist Matt Marshak who has switched gears with his new country album, “Simple Man.” Matt has been sharing his tunes, written in collaboration with the powerhouse singing/songwriting team of Cara Hogan and Steve Dean (who have written hits for Rodney Atkins, Reba McEntire, Alabama, and George Strait), and making the rounds through various radio and television appearances.


The album features 11 new songs, written and recorded in Matt’s East end Long Island studio. Ben Wisch, who produced Marc Cohn’s “Walking In Memphis,” participated in producing the album, adding the perfect country flavor to the mix. Stonybrook station WUSB listeners were treated to Matt’s appearance on Ahmad Ali’s “Cafe Ali” as Matt played songs from the album live and chatted about his music. Matt helped kick off the summer for listeners of WLNG as they made their way to the Hamptons at the start of the Memorial Day weekend and kept things cool for viewers of LTV when he sat with Patrick Christiano sharing his stories of touring throughout the US and Europe. Some of his stops have included the Dubai International Jazz Festival, Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, and Spain’s Mallorca Jazz Festival, to name a few. Keep an eye out for Matt, if he’s not on the air then he’s performing live at venues from New York to Nashville and places in between.




Actress, comedian, playwright AND real estate agent Sarah Fearon debuted her one woman show “2B” at The Players Theater in Manhattan. BMD Communications represented her appearances on LTV’s “In the Spotlight” with Patrick Christiano that can be seen on; “The Tom Shillue” show on Fox Radio along with comedian Tom Cotter; and a video for The Real Deal Magazine.






BMD enjoyed a banner week in Jamestown, NY (home to Lucille Ball!) assisting in the opening of the National Comedy Center during the first week in August 2018. The fun coincided with the annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, bringing crowds of laugh-loving fans to the area to enjoy a variety of comedians and talks with and about funny people. BMD produced a panel with “Saturday Night Live” originators Dan Aykroyd, Laraine Newman and Alan Zweibel, reminiscing with Sirius XM’s Ron Bennington about the early days of SNL and their contributions that turned it into the legend it is today. Also on BMD’s docket was Fran Drescher’s sit-down with Kelly Carlin (George’s daughter who donated his collection of notes, jokes and personal papers to the NCC). Fran also shared a glimpse of her new standup act and we can’t wait to catch her effortless routine in full-blown comedy club fashion. “America’s Got Talent” comedian Tom Cotter chatted with BMD’s own Barry Dougherty in a lively and hilarious discussion about comedy history and fun celebrity sightings. Barry also teased the audience with a hint of his essay show, “My Life In 5 Essays,” sharing 2 of his humorous memoirs.


Also on the comedy docket during this opening week were performances by Amy Schumer, Lily Tomlin and Lucie Arnaz, a talk with “Laugh-In” creator George Schlatter, a night of edgy comedy with Lewis Black, W. Kamau Bell, Tom Cotter, Kerri Louise and Judy Gold, Podcasts with Paul Provenza and Judy Gold, Late night comedy with “Daily Show” newcomer Dulce Sloan and chats with Andy Kaufman and Jerry Seinfeld’s manager and producer George Shapiro.


The National Comedy Center is 37,000 square feet of interactive and immersive innovations, that together with items from the archives of comedy movers and shakers, tells the story of comedy in an engaging, entertaining and fun experience. From Lucy’s polka dot dress to the “Laugh-In” Fickle Finger of Fate Award to Andy Kaufman’s Elvis costume, Mary Tyler Moore’s “Chuckles Bites the Dust” script, Harold Ramis’ “Ghostbusters” jumpsuit (donated by his daughter Violet Ramis Stiel), Carl Reiner’s Alan Brady wig and Lenny Bruce’s trench coat (donated by his daughter Kitty Bruce), the NCC is a veritable gift to anyone who loves to laugh.


What a week…what a client! BMD is proud to partner with the National Comedy Center and bring the story of comedy center stage!






We’re thrilled to get a mention in the popular Page 6 “We Hear” column!




BMD is a proud sponsor of Long Island LitFest being held on April 29, 2018 from 11 am to 2 pm at the Cinema Arts Centre, in Huntington, NY. LitFest is a day of workshops, best-selling author talks/readings and book signings. This year, authors Meg Wolitzer, Alan Zweibel, Rep. Steve Israel, Alyson Richman, Susan Rieger, David Denby, Annabelle Gurwitch, and Tom Clavin are among the outstanding writers and authors who will be appearing. We’re thrilled that our own Barry Dougherty will emcee the event for the 4th year. We look forward to an amazing afternoon!





BMD took a recent trip to Jamestown, NY to check out the construction of the National Comedy Center. This is going to be an amazing place. Between interactive experiences and very cool exhibits featuring your faves in comedy it’s going to be THE place to be entertained. Keep an eye out for info on the August opening. If you haven’t figured it out yet…Jamestown is where Lucille Ball was born and the location of the Lucy/Desi museum and annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival so there will be much to enjoy come August!

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