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BMD Communications is a multi-faceted company that specializes in writing to your needs. Serious, playful or funny–we can craft a speech, ghostwrite a book, write an article, a letter, or a tweet, all suited to your needs. If you have a message to communicate we’ll help you get it done!
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Let’s face it, standing in front of an audience can be daunting–all eyes focused on you, waiting in anticipation for your enlightening presentation. While you have all of the information to do just that, you may not have all the words necessary to actually convey what you know.
BMD Communications puts the right words in the correct order and lets your voice speak for itself.

We will work with you to determine what you want to say and write the message you need to deliver. We’ll also help sprinkle some much-needed humor, if necessary, into any presentation. Whether it’s a business proposal you need to sell, a best man or father of the bride speech you’re dreading to make, that biting roast, accepting an award or even a eulogy–we’ll make sure that you stay in your comfort zone while delivering your thoughts.


Rumor has it that we all have a book in us–it just needs to come out. We can help make that happen for you. Whether you are about to send your manuscript out to agents or self-publish your book, we can put you on the right track. We’ll put together the proposal incorporating the elements that you need to pitch it properly. If you’re doing it yourself, we’ll edit your manuscript. Don’t worry if you have an idea but no concept how to begin writing it–we’ll ghostwrite it for you. We’ll make the process exciting and the outcome successful.


Marketing through media outlets or your company newsletter builds awareness for your brand. It also maintains relationships with customers and helps cultivate prospective clients. We will work with you to define your message and write pieces to reflect your branding.

Marketing & Press

If you’re not on board with social media it’s time to see what the fuss is about. We consult with you to get you on the social media track and give you the text to get your message across. If you have an event you want publicized, we’ll help put the word out with press releases and media pitches. We’ll also coordinate red carpet interviews.


Creating or updating your website involves many moving parts–not least is the copy to combine with your great design and layout. Your website should express your concepts and deliver your message in a concise, yet informative presentation. We’ll make that happen by communicating your services and enhancing your website’s mission to generate business.